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The study of nutrition is always evolving. It can often feel overwhelming trying to keep up with what is right for you. From the newest fad diet to the next “it” super food or even simply what you should and should not eat. It all seems to change daily accompanied by contradictions at every corner. Here I will provide down to earth, real nutrition information, the latest research and simple How To’s to support your health, happiness and vitality.


I strongly believe in the diet and disease connection. My passion is to educate you and your family on the benefits and the health impacts of optimal nutrition. My aim is to keep you informed on the top nutrition trends and to simplify the vast volume of information out there. I want to pull back the curtain to show that beautiful, healthy and fabulous tasting foods are easy to fit into even the busiest lives. I target foods which support the balancing of hormones, boost energy, improve digestion, encourage healthy aging, achieve your ideal weight, promote healthy sleep and support mental and physical well-being.


I love hearing from you and want to provide you nutrition information that answers your questions! So if you want to know what the best alternative flours are? Or how to sprout? What’s the deal with Chia seeds or have a nutrition topic you want to know more about, just drop me a line and I will be happy to explore it.


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