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Rejoice seeks to create global awareness about the direct connection between our food and our health. To see everyone have equal access to good, accessible and nutrient dense whole foods. That EVERYONE has the information and resources they require to live their best life and to Rejoice every day in the most vibrant body possible!

To align with our mission: most services and programs are priced below industry rates, a discount is offered for initial consultations, and a further discount is offered on all services for those that receive AISH benefits. Rejoice is committed to working with non-profit community organizations, educational institutions, and community-based programs that seek to educate, support and nourish the future health and wellness of our communities.




The content is owned and edited by Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. It is based upon my personal and professional experiences, my education as a practitioner and expertise in the field of nutrition. All products and brands I discuss are based only upon my personal use of these products and are shared with my readers as an aid in their making informed decisions and for their individual benefit. Brands and advertisers will never influence the content I discuss within the Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. blog or website. I am neither paid nor endorsed in any way by these various brands for the purpose of promoting their products on the website.

The blog is personal, written and edited by Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. For questions about the blog, please contact jo@rejoicenutritionwellness.ca. As you will see, this website and blog has no advertising space and does not accept any form of remuneration for advertising, sponsorship or paid insertions.  By refraining from these types of business dealings, Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. is able to maintain a completely unbiased, honest and truthful relationship with our readers.

I am not a doctor. None of the information discussed by Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. is intended as medical advice. All the health and wellness information is intended for educational purposes only and, in no way, is meant to replace or override the advice of your own medical practitioners. Rejoice Nutrition and Wellness Inc. does not treat, cure, or diagnose any diseases. Consult with your physician if you have any questions regarding your conditions. Check the ingredients carefully within the ingredient section of the recipes for any food allergens, food sensitivities or intolerances that you might have. Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. will not be held accountable for any loss, damage or health consequences resulting from your consumption of any of those foods nor individual ingredients in the recipes. This includes all foods mentioned in any media or communication from Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. If you are concerned about consuming a specific food, or any reactions you might have, please consult with your primary licensed healthcare provider. Each person is responsible for the health and wellness choices he/she makes and each person’s experience and results will vary due to their bio-identical uniqueness.


Copyright & Content Policy


All content is under copyright by Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. The unauthorized commercial publication, copying or misuse of text, images, audio or video, or other content of this website or blog for selling, circulation, redistribution, and retransmission is prohibited, except as authorized by Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness. Anyone wishing to use any of the above information for commercial use, publication, or any purpose, other than fair dealing as defined in the Copyright Act of Canada, must request and receive prior written permission from Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc.

I love it when you share a recipe or image, but request the courtesy of either referring or directly linking it back, to Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness website. To promote a recipe, article or photograph from my site please give a direct link back to the post where you found the material, including a mention of Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc.

Privacy Policy


Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness takes your privacy very seriously and WILL NEVER sell, loan nor rent any personal information that is collected. Rejoice shares the e-mail address which you provide upon signing up for our newsletter with a secure third party, strictly for the purpose of sending you our free e-book as a gift upon sign-up, promotions, upcoming program alerts, newsletters and other services. Your contact information is never shared with other businesses, nor affiliates.

When signing up for the newsletter, you are choosing to join our mailing list. When you submit your e-mail address to us, you are stating that you want to be contacted with services, promotions, and newsletters from Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. If at any time you no longer wish to receive such mailings, you can opt out anytime by clicking the Unsubscribe button.

When working 1:1 through programs and consultations, personal information is collected in order to provide you with the most accurate health and wellness advice. The personal information you provide within these programs and services is stored in locked and secured locations, controlled by Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness Inc. Your information is never shared with other parties without your request and consent. You have access to your personal information at any time in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection Laws of Canada.

The Kids Corner Page is not intended in any way to advertise to underage children, but to inform parents of health and wellness information that you may choose to incorporate into your family’s lifestyle. In providing consultations and services to children, the parent and guardian must always be present, complete forms and sign necessary consents for those 18 years of age and younger.


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