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The 25 Day Self-Care Advent Calendar Event 2023

The 25-Day Self-Care Advent Calendar Challenge is Back! The Event runs December 1st- December 25th, 2023. When you sign-up you will receive a daily self-care challenge, enter to win local prizes, and support those in need this holiday season. I call it “The Circle of Giving”.

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How to Make an Adrenal Cocktail-3 Ways

The Power of the Adrenal Cocktail, a viral nutrient-packed Elixir for Vibrant Hormonal Health. Elevate your well-being with this nutrient-packed elixir crafted to nourish and support adrenal health, immune health, and cortisol stress hormone regulation.

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Hormone-Supporting Chipotle Chicken Bowls

As part of the Hormone Supporting Recipe Series, this recipe is so simple and packed with Hormone Supporting Nutrients! It also makes for a great weeknight meal or a meal prep lunch with how quick it is to toss together. You could also layer it into a mason jar, for a high-protein grab’n’go lunch.

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The Best 5-Ingredient, No Boil Fruit Spread Recipe

The Best Fruit Spread! No Boil and only 5-Ingredients. There are so many flavor combinations you can use and many ways to use it. This recipe is part of the 5-ingredient recipe series that supports you to eat nutrient-dense foods, in simple ways, while being mindful of food inflation for increased access

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Hey, I’m Jo! I specialize in Gentle Nutrition to help you Eat with Ease for Happy & Healthy Guts, Hormones, Mental Health, and Self! 
I’m a Gut & Hormone Educator, Mental Health Practitioner, Mindful Eating Coach, Chef, CBT Life Coach, & Holistic Nutrition Expert that is passionate about showing you how to Keep it Simple, Ditch Restrictions, & Level-Up to Rejoice in the Body, Mind, & Life you desire. 
I love creating simple, inclusive recipes & sharing holistic lifestyle habits that easily fit into your everyday life to bring you joy. I am committed to empowering you with tangible tools to nourish your body, mind, and soul to rejoice in the most vibrant life possible.

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