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Classic Lobster Roll Recipe

If you love a classic lobster roll, you are going to love this nutrient-dense spin on a classic east-coast dinner roll. Let me show you an accessible and affordable way of having lobster. Not a lobster fan? swap the lobster for another protein of choice!

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10-Minute Ginger Garlic Bok Choy

Tired of the same old vegetable side dish? Let’s shake things up with this fresh and nutrient-dense side dish. 10-Min Ginger Garlic Bok Choy is so delicious and versatile. You can use this recipe for any greens or other vegetables you like for a quick weeknight side dish.

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10 Quick & Easy Back-to-School Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Why does food always taste better when it’s cooked over an open fire? There is something primal to me about cooking over fire that makes me feel like I am a great explorer in the wilderness, even if I only am 45 minutes from the city at a public campsite! LOL. Now, if you work all week long and want to slip away for the long-weekend you don’t always have a ton of time to prep and cook things before hand. This is where I want to provide you some simple healthy recipes for all your camping meals, plus easy portable snacks. I have 5 breakfasts, 5 Mains, 5 Sides, 5 Snacks, and 5 Drink recipes for you below. I have given you a range of recipes that take less than 5-minutes to throw together, foods you can make or buy based on your time, and then recipes that take a little more prep but are well worth it. You can mix and match based on how much time you want to dedicate to camping food so its flexible.

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Coffee-Rubbed Jalapeno Bison Burgers

Burgers? Yes Please. Coffee? Always. Have you ever enjoyed a coffee rubbed burger? If not, you are in for a real treat. When I was in Hawaii, we hit up a burger place that had Kona Coffee rubbed burgers. It was amazing. The type of coffee you select can give the meat a distinctive aromatic taste and add acidity, bold aroma, bitterness, and sweetness to the meat. A dark nutty roast or a sweet espresso powder can completely change the taste of the meat. I like to pair the coffee rub with Bison. I find Buffalo has a lighter flavour, tastes slightly sweet and is deliciously tender. Buffalo meat is naturally lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than traditional beef. Plus, unlike conventionally raised beef, bison are typically grass-fed. Shake things up next time on the grill and try these burger patties. 

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Simple Keto Meal Prep Menu

Many of my nutrition clients come to me and ask for Keto meal plans and programs to align with their goals. At first, my temptation was to decline as the default in my head was when I heard “Keto”, I just heard “Atkins” and longterm “heart disease”. However, one thing I have learned in the field of nutrition is that the “It” diet is always evolving and as a nutrition & wellness lifestyle consultant it is my job to look beyond the trendy diet and search for good ‘food science’ that supports it.

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Healthy 4 Ingredient Tuna Salad Recipe

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best kinda recipes. I had forgotten about Tuna Salad for years as my association with it was this thick salad that had a higher ratio of Mayonaise to Tuna as a kid that I did not like to eat. However, working with some food insecurity groups I rediscovered canned Tuna as an affordable non-perishable protein option and began playing around ways to “healthify it”.

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Hey, I’m Jo! As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Practitioner and Raw Food Chef, I am passionate about creating simple, whole-food recipes that easily fit into your everyday life. I am committed to empowering you to find fulfillment in fueling your body to regain balance, reclaim health and rejoice in the most vibrant body possible.

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