Business Coaching for Nutrition Professionals

3-Month Customized Business Strategy Coaching to help you turn your health expertise into a profitable Nutrition & Wellness Business.




You know you are great at Nutrition. You dream of a thriving Nutrition business, but figuring out how to get there feels overwhelming, and if you do one more “identify your niche” worksheet you are gonna snap!.  You spend your free time blogging, posting your best food pics on Instagram, making cooking reels and Instagram stories, creating freebies, and curating program offerings but none of it is leading to clients or cash. You feel like you are spinning your wheels and business advice seems to start at $2500 US to $10,000 which is way out of reach for a new nutrition grad or a struggling solo-entrepreneur.


Truth, I fell prey after I graduated from Nutrition school to paying silly amounts of money on so many Business & Marketing Programs.


Everyone I took, I thought this is the one! The one that will teach me the secrets of How to Start an online program, How to grow my email list, How to establish a successful viral 1:1 coaching business & to master my social media marketing. Every one of those programs….. well.. cost me $2500-$7500, and I did not feel like I got what I paid for. I got a ton of worksheets, goal setting tips, suggestions to find the “niche”, etc etc. I did not need brainstorming coaching sheets, I had the ideas, my mind was flowing with ideas! I just needed real help in taking the idea in my head and turning it into that tangible online course or product. I just wanted the “let’s get this done together” help, the “these are the paid tools or groups that are worth it!” without all the added “fluff”.


How can I help you Build Your Wellness Business?

  • I have a successful Nutrition & Wellness business!  I have learned many valuable lessons (including the hard lessons!) which I am happy to pass on.

  • I currently coach clients 1:1 around the globe! (Canda, USA, Australia, Brazil, UK, Japan, & in Spain to name a few). This means I have true experience in how to package, market, & coach your clients.

  • I have consistently run successful online programs in the field of nutrition & wellness for over 5 years.

  • I have been the Executive Director of a Community Grass-Roots Organization in the field of mental health & dual diagnosis that works under the umbrella of  Alberta Health Services for over 14 years.

  • I have co-created a natural, organic food product-line that was sold at farmers markets, local boutique wellness shops & major grocery stores province-wide.  I co-created this business and product-line and then sold the intellectual property (marketing, branding, and patented recipes).

  • I have sat on provincial and federal Nutrition & Agricultural Boards which has provided me great insight into how to work on multi-disciplinary teams with those from other modalities from Hospitals, Non-Profits, Farmers, to Government Health Services.

  • I teach Business at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I constantly am receiving emails, DM’s, and phone calls from National CSNN Grads that are asking for my advice, top tips, and help in how to get started. “What advice do you have for me?”. After a recent call from a graduate from across the country who “interviewed” me for business advice on the phone for a long time for free advice, I realized that I had the tools to just make what you want to achieve in your business happen for you!


What will we do (or more importantly what we won’t do)?

I am all about getting it done. Getting to the actionable steps to achieve tangible results. If your goal is to move your nutrition coaching online, to starting an online signature program or offering, to curate a product line to sell in stores, to gain a better handle on your social media, to understand the tech pieces behind it all, or if your nutrition business simply needs a boost? Then let’s do the work together!


There is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all online program I am going to sign you up for. There is no self-paced learning worksheets or workbook you know sits on your desktop you will maybe read one day, along with all the other freebie ebooks you downloaded on sales funnels or  “how to make 6 figures in your business” lol by the person that has never actually made 6 figures in their life (as I said above I feel prey to way too many of those in my first year of business).  


I won’t give you the same sheets that have been done a million times over and over again that are just being remarketed to you by someone else. I promise! It’s you and me grinding away 1:1 to get it done every week for 3-months. 



It is just you and me babe! Doing the work to make it happen. We will truly customize our time together to turn whatever wonderful ideas you have in your beautiful mind into something tangible for your business. I am not just your coach, I am your teammate in this journey. Let’s get it done! I offer a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call to determine if Business Strategy Coaching is right for you. 



Let’s Get it DONE!




P.S.  Yes! This 3- month coaching package is way lower than most out there for Nutritional Professionals. This was intentional.

I know what it’s like to give more than you earned to these types of business coaching programs. To give $2500-$10,000 on them (that you don’t really have but you are told you are “investing in your business”), so you make it work. But as a new grad starting out or a small nutrition business working so hard that kind of investment is stressful. I teach post-secondary nutritional professionals because I believe that we need more passionate health professionals out there, and if my learning and coaching can help make that happen then I am grateful! My offering is lower not because it is of less quality but because I choose to offer support to “the little guyz” that need a hand and a fighting chance. I am in your corner! I got you. 

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