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The 25 Day Self-Care Advent Calendar Event 2023

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The Healthful Hamper Food Drive is running again for its 8th year in a row in collaboration with Edmonton’s Food Bank to help feed families in need this season. The past 3 years have taken a toll on many families (mental health, addiction, and homeless statistics are up as a result of isolation, job loss, and inflation costs).
Many families are struggling and the demand on the Food Bank continues to grow. If you have even a dollar to spare to support those locally in your community and put food on their tables this season it would be greatly appreciated.

How You Can Support Small Businesses This Season?

    We all know the power of social media. It makes it easier than ever to stay connected. Spread the love and help local businesses! When you like, comment, and share their posts they are more likely to reach new customers who may not have known about their business before. Especially during this time, being seen by new people will help a business come back to be a little bit easier. Simply commenting on a post using a few words and some emojis encourages the social media algorithm to favor that post and display it to more people!
    Similar to liking, commenting, and sharing posts, tagging a friend can help a small business reach new loyal customers. With many businesses adapting their business structures to accommodate remote working, having more people engaged and involved in their business online will allow them to continue their growth instead of halt it altogether. If you take the time to share some new businesses online with a few friends, it will greatly boost their engagement on social media while helping your friends find their new favorite company. It’s a win-win!
    Purchase a gift card now to use later! This will give them cash flow that they can use to support themselves while their doors are shut or business has severely slowed down. Alternatively, many businesses are switching over to providing gift cards virtually. This allows us to continue to stay connected as a community and support those in need during this difficult time.
    Right now, many small businesses have made radical shifts in the way they work. This means turning to online experiences such as live-streaming yoga classes, immediately building a website to get products online, and restaurants offering free delivery to your home. A great way to support these new techniques small business owners are implementing is to spread the word. Share special offers and deals on your Instagram story or on your Facebook timeline. This allows our community to engage in business as usual but in a new and adapted way.
    One can easily become frustrated if they’re trying to access products and services that are their go-to but are now unavailable. We must remember that this is a trying time for everyone. Google your favorite businesses and leave a review! Many Small Business Facebook pages have a review page option too! Alternatively, leave one when you have received your purchase.
    Many small businesses have online shopping options. Then they either offer curbside delivery or pick-up. Pre-ordering products for pick up or even purchasing virtual products such as gift cards, courses, or e-books can make great holiday gifts. I can tell you small businesses have gotten creative in how they can get you your purchase in a safe way. So before you enter the big businesses into your search bar… look local to support them and your community.

How Rejoice Is Supporting Small Businesses And How You Can Help?


The 25-Day Self-Care Advent Calendar Challenge Is Back! This Year Marks The 8th Annual Self-Care Advent Calendar Challenge!

  • December 1st- December 25th, 2023 when you sign up you will receive a daily self-care challenge to give yourself some love.
  • Every time you complete a daily self-care challenge you are entered to win that week’s self-care prize basket!
  • We have 4 baskets of local, self-care gifts to win
  • Everything that is in those baskets is from small, local female-owned businesses! We have twenty small businesses that have contributed the most amazing self-care and wellness gifts for you to win this year!
  • If you shop at any of the local contributing small businesses during the challenge, DM me and I will also be donating $2.00 for every purchase you make with them in your name to the Edmonton Food Bank.
If you want more information and want to join the 8th annual 25-Day Self-Care Advent Calendar Challenge Event then click the link below to learn more and sign up! It is going to be awesome.

Join The 25-Day SelfCare Advent Calendar Event Here.


Rejoice’s Local Holiday Shopping List

So these amazing local businesses are contributing to this amazing giveaway because we know that this year has been hard! Period. So giving self-care gifts to you is a way of spreading good cheer. NOW, in return, you can reciprocate that love. I am committed to buying my Christmas presents from these amazing women who are doing and giving so much to others. 
I commit to buying my holiday gifts locally this year. The variety of products and services from these small businesses is amazing, it truly fills my heart with such gratitude and I want to support them this season. 
Below is a list of those women-run businesses that are contributing to the 25-day advent calendar challenge. The businesses that offer services can give you a gift certificate to give this holiday season. Many services are offering virtual sessions and spiritual work online with others.
The businesses that are selling the products below have gone above and beyond to get your products in a safe and contactless way. I have linked all the Businesses below that are part of this event and are who I am shopping for this holiday season. 
Need some local business gifting ideas?? check out these outstanding local female-owned businesses below

4) How We Are Also Supporting The Edmonton Food Bank Through The 25-Day Self-Care Challenge?


Every year I have run the Healthful Hamper Food Drive in collaboration with some amazing people and local businesses.


You can donate directly between December 1-December 25th, 2023 through the Food Bank Link below




When you purchase with ANY of the local Businesses above that are contributing to the 25 Self-Care Advent Calendar Challenge to #supportlocal for your holiday shopping, email me or DM me you made a purchase and Rejoice will personally donate $2.00 on your behalf to the Edmonton Foodbank. So you support local AND help local families have a meal this holiday season. Win-Win!!

5) How Some Businesses Are Giving A Little More! Shop To Make An Impact!

Below are a handful of the 25-Day Self-Care Challenge contributors whose businesses are GIVING a bit more.

  • Jen Laurie is donating Epicure Spice Packs to the Edmonton Food Bank & posting the donation link on her business pages during the event
  • Rejoice (me) when you buy from ANY of the businesses contributing during the event, I will, of course, donate $2 to the Food Bank as part of our event. However, you should know that when you buy from them…. even more of your purchase is going to help those in our community. 

So! Self-Care Advent Calendar 101:

The event runs from December 1- December 25th, 2023. But there are lots of sneak peeks and bonuses you won’t want to miss so keep watching my Rejoice stories and posts on my channels.


This is gonna be so much fun!
Give yourself a gift of self-care.
Enter to win self-care prize baskets.
Support local.
Help support those in our community that need it the most. 
Xo, Jo
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