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Super, Chewy Dark Cacao Reese’s Cookies

Recipe 5 of our Hocus Pocus Foodie Week are these Super, Chewy Dark Cacao Reese’s Cookies! I love dark or black cacao powder because it gives you a true black color to baking naturally without adding black food dyes.

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Candy Corn Inspired Parfait

Recipe 3 in our Hocus Pocus Foodie Week is this Candy Corn Inspired Parfait. Halloween can be a challenging time for parents to navigate the amount of treats and sugary snacks coming at your kids from every direction. This Candy Corn Inspired Parfait is fun, festive, and packed with vitamin C!

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No-Bake Balanced Caramel Apple Bark

Recipe Two in our Hocus Pocus Week is this No-Bake Caramel Apple Bark. This recipe could not be easier to make! Plus, it is so versatile. You can truly use whatever you have in the pantry/fridge to make a seasonal no-bake bark. It is the perfect combination of sweet & salty for a tasty snack.

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Hey, I’m Jo! I specialize in Gentle Nutrition to help you Eat with Ease for Happy & Healthy Guts, Hormones, Mental Health, and Self! 
I’m a Gut & Hormone Educator, Mental Health Practitioner, Mindful Eating Coach, Chef, CBT Life Coach, & Holistic Nutrition Expert that is passionate about showing you how to Keep it Simple, Ditch Restrictions, & Level-Up to Rejoice in the Body, Mind, & Life you desire. 
I love creating simple, inclusive recipes & sharing holistic lifestyle habits that easily fit into your everyday life to bring you joy. I am committed to empowering you with tangible tools to nourish your body, mind, and soul to rejoice in the most vibrant life possible.

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