I was walking through the grocery store the other morning and I could smell freshly baked cookies. I followed the smell and watched the bakers placing out big, soft and delicious oatmeal cookies in the display case. I, of course, enjoyed one while I did my grocery shopping feeling like I totally deserved this yummy treat for the busy work week I finished.

Sometimes with all the birthday parties, BBQ's, camping foods, and patio drinks in the summer, we can consume a lot of refined-sugars, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods. A simple smoothie can be a great way to ensure you get some much-needed nutrition throughout the summer.

Are you getting in your collagen? Recent studies are showing that regular consumption of high-quality collagen can support more youthful and stronger skin, nails, and hair. Adding collagen powder into your greens smoothie is a delicious way to drink up your collagen, along with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Most likely, you have heard the buzz words pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods. But what do they actually mean? I want to share my perspective on these terms and give you a very tasty smoothie that supports your digestion, immune function, and yes, includes food that is considered to reduce and/or not elicit inflammation in the body.