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12 Healthy Green St. Patrick’s Day Recipes: Green Food Round-Up

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From Breakfast to Dinner, and Drinks to Desserts, get into the St.Patty’s Day spirit with these green recipe ideas. Often St. Patrick’s Day recipes use green dyes which do not work for lots of people, especially many kids who are sensitive to dyes and additives. This should not mean that they can not join in the fun of the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. Here are some fun and healthy green food recipes that use whole-foods instead of green dyes. Enjoy!

12 Healthy Green Food Recipes to Celebrate:

#1: Avocado, Coconut, & Lime Popsicles

Fresh lime juice and avocado are like culinary BFFs in my books. Not only will it keep the avocado fresh tasting and avoid it turning brown but it adds a pop of freshness and citrus that makes these pops perfectly to cool you down in the summer. Coconut water is a great natural electrolyte that is perfect to hydrate you and keeps you cool on those hot summer days. Click here for the Full recipe and pictures. 

#2: Matcha Powered Pancakes 

There is nothing like a big stack of pancakes for breakfast that puts a smile on everyone’s face at the table. Of course, I like to enhance the nutrition of those pancakes to power myself for the day ahead of me. Check out this naturally green pancake recipe for your Patty’s Day morning. Click here for the full recipe and blog post.

#3: Arugula Pesto 

How about making a pot of your favorite pasta for your St.Patty’s Day Feast and tossing it in this delicious green sauce. Arugula pesto subs arugula for basil for this twist on traditional pesto. It creates a bright, and peppery sauce that is a perfect addition to pasta, chicken, fish, veggies, eggs, and steak. Arugula also is a nutrition powerhouse! Click here for the full recipe and post. 

#4: Green Tea Macadamia Nut Cookies 

A green cookie that makes you feel good and is free from green dye! If you love macadamia nuts and green tea you will love these simple cookies. Gluten-free and a Vegan option, these cookies are a healthy spin-off of the traditional white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that are usually full of white sugar and white flour that can be hard on the digestive tract. Full recipe and blog post Here. 

#5: Greens Powered Guacamole:

Grab a bag of green tortilla chips, cut up some green veggies, and serve it up with this Greens Powered Guacamole for the perfect and healthy party or snack platter. Full recipe in the blog post here. 

#6: Super Greens Fat Bombs 

Think of these as a no-bake energy bite and a fat bomb have a baby! Healthy fats, protein, and superfood greens all packed into one tasty treat! Eating healthy never tasted so good, plus it’s a great way to get some extra greens in your kiddo’s daily diet. Grab the recipe for the blog post here. 

#7: Avocado Nice Cream 

This is seriously so good! not only does it fit into our green theme but it is so satisfying, Snag the recipe and instructions here.  I love it just as it is, or I have used it with fried bananas and chocolate sauce for a fun Cinco de Mayo-inspired dessert.  

#8: Tropical Smoothie Bowl

After the past year, I think we are all dreaming of a tropical destination. This St. Patrick’s Day for breakfast or a 3 pm snack enjoy this tropical smoothie bowl. Not only is it green, but eating it always reminds me of the taste of pineapples in Hawaii. Full recipe & Blog Post here 

#9: Honeydew Chia Parfait 

Honeydew is such a beautiful green color and a great healthy addition to your green food party. I love chia pudding for breakfast, but sometimes I like it as a sweet dessert. By definition, a parfait is defined as two frozen desserts in one, so I set out to make my own healthy, dairy-free, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened parfait that still tasted awesome! Enter the Honeydew Chia Parfait. Full recipe & Blog Post here 

#10: Healthy Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca  

I love the freshness of an Agua Fresca drink, the issue I find with most is the contains a large amount of refined sugar. Experimenting in my kitchen I found that Dates are a lovely replacement for refined sugar. It adds sweetness to the drink, while also providing fiber, vitamins, and minerals to aid digestion. This drink is SOO refreshing to serve and is a beautiful natural green color for our St. Patty’s Day recipe round-up.  Full recipe & Blog Post here

#11: Sweet Potato Toast Bites  

A healthy and fun St.Patty’s Day Appetizer is these Sweet Potato Toast Bites. Perfectly warm and bite-size appies that are perfect for any green party.  Full recipe & Blog Post here 

#12: Goddess Green Tea Latte  

This is as green as you get! This warm and energizing green drink is so rich and tasty. I add a little more sweetener and blend it in a blender with full-fat coconut milk for the kids and they totally love it.  Full recipe & Blog Post here 

I hope you enjoyed our green food recipe round-up! Which recipe would you try? Comment below I would love to know



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