Rejoice’s 2019 Year in Review (Your Top 10 Favorite Posts)

Rejoice’s 2019 Year in Review (Your Top 10 Favorite Posts)

2019 seemed to zoom past in a blur!  2019 was full of exciting new opportunities for me as a business owner, I had several articles published in Evolve Magazine.  I earned the title of Best-Selling Author thanks to being part of the Obstacles equal Opportunities book as a co-author. I was also interviewed on OMTimes Radio.   I was both honored and humbled to be asked to be the Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Graduating Class for CSNN Holistic Nutrition Grads and I was awarded the Danielle Perrault Trail Blazer Award at the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Awards. The Holistic Nutrition Awards are formed to recognize and honor those who have exhibited exceptional work in the Holistic Nutrition Industry across Canada. I was honored to be the Canadian winner in 2019.

The Lose Weight & Feel Great in 8 online programs turned two this year! It hit a massive milestone in that it helped people lose over 1500 lbs! I also heard my clients loved the online program but a few wanted a more 1:1 approach and customization in addition to a group program. To meet this need I curated the LWFG8 VIP Program that provided the best of both words and the results have been mind-blowing!  I love to meet your needs and continue adapting programs as I learn with my clients and families.

I also launched my second online program, Balance Keto 4 Beginners. This 4-week online program follows my Balanced Keto Approach which uses whole-foods, weekly self-care goals, and daily movement challenges. This program was created because many of my clients were wanting the “keto transformation” they saw online BUT, they also have enough nutrition knowledge to question the “HOW is eating beef jerky, steak, & cream cheese everyday good for me?”.  There was a need to created a program that delivered the transformational changes they wanted but by using a Balanced Keto Approach with whole-foods and seamlessly integrating Holistic Nutrition Principals for a more gentle and sustainable approach. This Program Blew up! I have run it every 4-weeks since the Sping of 2019 and it continues to grow and fill up. I am so excited about online program number 3 for 2020!



The Food insecurity work, Volunteer boards, and Community projects I work with align with Rejoice’s Mission to ensure that whole food is both affordable and accessible to everyone. I ran again The Healthful Hamper Food Drive again for the Edmonton’s Food Bank and we raised $2500.00 & over 800 lbs of food for family hampers. It was a huge success and always feels so good to help put food on the tables of those in our city that need it most.

I am so thankful for all the support I receive from all of you through social media and your comments on the blog. I love that I can share my love of cooking and health to support others to develop a healthy relationship with food and rejoice in the most vibrant life possible! Thank you for all the wonderful experiences in 2019, I can’t wait to see what 2020 is going to bring!!

Here are the TOP 10 Posts counted down that you loved, liked, and shared the most on social media in 2019: 

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  2. Instapot No-Boil Probiotic Yogurt (1.2 k)
  3. Perfect Paleo Chocolate Sauce (1.5 k)

  4. Raising Healthy Eaters Ebook  (1.6K)

  5. 5 Way to Cut Sugar & Boost Nutrition in your Smoothies (1.7K)

  6. 5 Keto Fat-Burning Rocket Fuel Lates (1.8K)

  7. 25 Healthy Camping Meals: Free Menu & Grocery List (2K)

  8. Balanced Keto 4 Beginners Online-Program Launch Post  (2.4 K)

  9. Your Daughters Facebook Post (3 K)
  10. Bacon & Avocado’s Keto Ebook  (5.4 K)

I hope you enjoyed this 2019 year in review, I would like to again thank you for your likes, shares, and comments here and on all Rejoice’s Social Media platforms. Let’s see what great things we can manifest for 2020!

In great health,