Raising Healthy Eaters Ebook

A Practical, Fun, & Stress-Free Approach to Nourishing our Kids from One Parent to Another. Picky Toddlers? Fusy Teens? From Small Kids to Big Kids I have a Clear Plan of How You can Ensure they are Getting What They Need for Growth, Development, Mental Focus at School, and Health and Happiness.

This 168-page Full-Colour, Simple to Follow E-book, has a Beautiful Food Photo with Every 125 Kid-Approved Recipe in the Book to Help You and Your Child Pick the Foods that will Nourish them and Meet their Personal Likes.




Maybe you and your family are already eating healthy and you are looking for new ideas and new inspiration?
Maybe you have the best intentions but you feel like it’s a neverending battle to try and get your kids to eat whole foods?
Well, be assured you have come to the right place.
As a parent of two great kids, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to get your little eater to your bigger teenager to want to eat whole foods, fruits, veggies, and proteins every day.
I created this ebook because I know how hard it can be coming up with meals that don’t cost a ton, are quick, and most importantly give your growing child (from little fingers to teenagers) the nutrition their developing body needs.
We can all get stuck in a rut and end up offering the same lunches, snack, and dinner options because we just want them to eat. However, a “rigid diet”, which is one with little variety can lead to nutritional deficiencies, increase food sensitivities, low energy, and poor immune function. Variety is truly the spice of life!
In creating the Raising Healthy Eaters E-Book, I wanted to provide as much versatility as possible to suit your child’s unique needs. In most of the larger recipes, you will find a “NOTES” section which includes ideas for you to swap out foods and alter the recipe based on your dietary needs. Swap suggestions are made to accommodate Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut Allergies, & Dairy-Free.
When I finished putting the entire book together I realized it was 168 pages!
All my motherhood lessons (which most I learned the hard way) and all my kid-approved recipes all packed into one easy and bright e-book to provide a practical and stress-free approach with children’s nutrition. I am so excited to share this with other parents to be a useful guide in your families journey towards health and wellness.
In this ebook you will also get:
  • Kids Nutritional Essential:  The 3 key components: Complex Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats, Protein Balance explained.
  • Key Nutrients & Top Foods:  For the healthy development of small to big kids, and to keep the whole family healthy and well.
  • To Supplement or Not to Supplement:  When is supplementation a good idea? The supportive 6 nutrients that can be useful to safeguard nutrition for picky eaters or during particular developmental stages.
  • Developing Healthy Habits:  Simple and realistic 10 healthy habits that you can implement to reduce stress in making healthy changes in your home.
  • Supporting Sleep: 7 ways to as a parent you can support a good night’s sleep for your child for their growth, development, and immune system.
  • Your Child’s Immune System: 5 easy to implement strategies for aiding their immune health.
  • 168-page full-color, simple to follow E-book. Instantly downloadable, and a picture with every recipe
  • 125 Kid Approved Healthy Recipes: 
    • 25 Kid Breakfast Recipes
    • 25 Kid Snacking Recipes 
    • 25 Kid Main Recipes (Lunch & Dinner) 
    • 25 Kid Baking Recipes 
    • 25 Kid Party & Drink Recipes
Happy Memory Making in the Kitchen!
In great health,  Jo


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