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Purchase your Favorite Brand of Supplements, or a brand that is too expensive at the health food store for cost and have it delivered to the comfort of your own door.

Many people ask me the question, “can’t I get all of the nutrition I need from my food?” Ideally yes you can, however, there are a number of factors that can influence the nutrient profile of the foods and this is where supplements can be useful. As well, if there are nutritional deficiencies or with specific health concerns, we may want to include supplements for a short period of time within your health plan to address those needs.

Stress, Poor Digestion, Access to local, nutrient-dense whole-foods, our absorption rate, environmental toxins, and even food preparation techniques can all impact how and what we are absorbing from our food. Supplements can be costly and the supplements that are affordable can be full of fillers and additives that do not support your health.

Fullscript is an online database that allows you to order the highest quality, professional-grade nutraceuticals and supplements. Ordering the top professional brands is easy and convenient with secure payments and direct delivery services anywhere in Canada. Simply Sign-up for Free with no commitment to buy through the product link, order a free catalog and start shopping to meet you and your families health needs.

The great news is you get 10% off your order by using my link as well as my commitment to helping health be accessible and affordable. Shop for your favorite trusted brands in the dispensary, or if you have any questions about supplement dosage, brands or specific recommendations please contact me. 

Not Sure? Watch the Fullscript Quick Video Tutorial that Explains WHY professional grade supplements from a trusted source matter.




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