High Protein Hormone Guide

If you are trying to Prioritize Protein at Mealtimes to Intentionally Support your Energy, Hormones, and Overall Vitality then this Protein Guide is for YOU!

176 Pages Packed with Information, Tools, Resources, Research Links, a 7-Day Sample Meal Plan, Plus 120 Whole Foods, Protein Powered Recipes!- No Protein Powder



I created this Protein Guide in response to seeing a particular pattern emerge with my clients over the past few years. Typically women (30+ years) who had a history of dieting of some kind and were all struggling with similar issues such as:
  • Low Energy & Fatigue
  • Poor Sleep
  • Low Mood
  • Brain Fog
  • Hormone Problems
  • More Intense symptoms with PMS, Perimenopause, &/or Menopause
  • Impaired Immune Resilience
  • Sluggish Metabolism
  • Muscle Loss, more physical injuries and/or aches and pains to name a few

A common theme in my practice was my clients were coming to me underfed, undernourished, and “under-proteined”.

Getting enough protein each day for my clients was also a challenge for two reasons:
1) Firstly, this diet culture narrative that is causing restrictions around protein. Like skipping protein at breakfast and snack times, and only having 3oz of protein for dinner. Many of my clients were deficient in protein, and many came with anaemic or low iron diagnoses.
2) Secondly, when we hear “high protein” we think protein bars, and to just add “protein powder” into whatever you are making. Now shakes, bars, and powders have their place and purpose, but my clients were looking for whole food ways to meet their personal protein needs while avoiding added ingredients that they have digestive and hormonal sensitivities to.
In this protein guide, you will learn the basics of protein, how essential this macronutrient is for your hormones, metabolism, and overall health.
You also can use the guideline to understand where to begin with your daily protein needs, the sample meal plan to give you a snapshot of what a day and week can look like, plus TONS of whole food, protein powdered recipes without powders, bars, or shakes. Enjoy!
High Protein Recipes
This 176-page Protein Guide Complete with Nutrition Breakdowns, Dietary Swaps, and Full-Colored Photos for every recipe!
In creating the Healthy Hormone Protein Guide, I wanted to recognize that everyone is biochemically unique, and there is NO One-Size-Fits-All-Approach as it relates to nutritional needs. Therefore, I provided as much versatility as possible to suit your unique needs.
Cooking time, serving size, nutrition breakdown, and the number of ingredients in every recipe is varied to align with what makes the most sense for your time and finances week to week.
In the recipes, you will find a “NOTES” section which includes ideas for you to swap out foods and alter the recipe based on your dietary needs. Swap suggestions are made to accommodate Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut Allergies, & Dairy-Free.

In this ebook you will find:

  • Understanding Protein Basics, what it is and the functions of proteins
  • Complete vs Incomplete Proteins
  • Food Combining Tips to Create Complete Proteins on a Plant-Based Plate
  • Protein Absorption and Ways you Can Enhance Aid Protein Absorption
  • How Protein Impacts Your Health, Sigs Your Might Not be Getting Enough (PudMed Research Links Included)
  • The Protein and Hormone Connection Discussion (PubMed Research Links included)
  • How to Determine Your Protein Needs based by Activity and Goals, Plus a Protein Calculator Link
  • High Protein Source Resource Guide
  • 7-Day Sample Meal Plan, 120G of Protein a Day (NO PROTEIN POWDERS OR BARS)
  • 120 Whole Foods, Protein Powdered Recipes (BREAKFASTS, MAINS, SNACKS, & DESERTS)
  • Coloured Photo, Nutrition Breakdown, Ingredient Swap Notes for EVERY Recipe 
This Recipe Guide  is organized to provide you with a deeper understanding of protein, why you need it, how much you need, a the tools and recipes you need to begin prioritizing protein at mealtimes. There is truly something for everyone in this book. 
In great health,  Jo


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