Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume 2



It was a total pleasure to partner with Follow it Thur Publishing, to tell my story and become a co-author of a Best-Selling Book. In the book, I shared a bit of my story about my own health journey which inspired me to want to start Rejoice Nutrition & Wellness which helps so many people around the globe.

Life has a way of throwing lemons at us when we least expect it. So, what can you do with those lemons? You fire up the juicer and prep the lemonade stand!

Ignite your confidence and your personal drive to overcome whatever challenges you face with the power of authenticity, vulnerability and good old-fashioned grit.

Learn how these 14 men, women, and entrepreneurs overcame damaging business experiences, financial ruin, and personal hardships, as they show you how to move forward with the poise, grace, and insight.

Whatever adversities life has thrown at you or your business, find out how to expose the humbling wisdom in the lesson, and learn how to change your circumstances by shifting your mindset.

You’ll also find key factors to the success of your own journey in each author’s lessons. Such as:

  • Uncover your authentic self to build your confidence
  • Exercise your thoughts daily to change your beliefs
  • Don’t let the fear of what could happen, make nothing happen

Let these inspirational storytellers help you rise up and overcome your challenges using the professional tools and services they have to offer.

Upon purchase, the book will be signed by myself and a copy mailed to you. I believe you too can overcome the obstacles you are currently facing and as a health and wellness coach, I am here to guide you on that journey in any way I can be useful.

In great health,



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