20 Power Bowl Recipes & Meal Plan

I can’t count the numerous meal plans I personally signed up for over the years that gave me food like chicken with green beans and salsa every day for dinner, no fruit allowed, and snacks like a hard chemically created rice-cake. These meal plans were boring and I never looked forward to my meals, which leads to a lack of satisfaction that then turns into binging. This yo-yo dieting can have very negative effects on your metabolism long-term and force you to gain more weight than if you never attempted to diet at all.

Weighing, measuring and counting calories also leads to stress which can create a negative relationship with food and cause cortisol (our stress hormone) to be released. This then tells your body to make more fat cells and hold onto abdominal fat for survival. What about not looking at food as the enemy to our body but as the very solution, we need to live a healthy, vibrant, and happy life?

So how about it’s time to try something new! How about real, whole foods that are nutritious and love your body that in turn loves you back with energy, a natural healthy weight, glowing skin, and leaves you feeling awesome!?! Now let’s do that while eating dark chocolate ricotta mousse over the chemically engineered rice cake for our snack….? ya sounds good to me.

The Solution Includes:

  • This 29-page e-book with photo’s, instructions, tips, and resources.
  • 20 Power Bowl recipes: 5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 5 dinner, and 5 treat bowls
  • A simple meal & lifestyle plan
  • Drinks and healthy snack ideas are suggested for the meal plan
  • Simply select any bowl for each of your 3 main meals a day from the guide. You have the choice each day to select which bowl you want based on your wants and lifestyle needs. Mix & Match!
  • Following a Naturally Gluten-Free or Vegan lifestyle? No problem I totally have you covered in this book.

Ditch the rice cake and obsessing over calories and reestablish a positive relationship with food. Eat your way to a Sexy, Happy, & Healthy You!



A 29-page E-book packed with 20 mouthwatering power bowl recipes. 5 breakfast, 5 lunch, 5 dinner & 5 crave busting dessert bowls! A simple and easy to follow the meal and lifestyle plan to health get you on the path to health, wellness and loving your body. Plus tons of tips and resources to help get you started. Each recipe has a description, photograph, ingredients and instruction list, along with some health benefits for each recipe.