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An 8-week Journey to redefine your relationship with food and your body in a healthy, kind, & sustainable way!

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Are You Tired of Trendy Programs that Never seem to get You the Results you Desire?

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and not being able to sustain a balanced, supportive way of eating that makes you feel your best inside and out?

If you’re searching for a way to finally get off the “diet” merry-go-round once and for all and just feel “good” again without restrictions and with whole foods, simple habits, joyful movement, and sustainable practices – you’ve found it.

It’s as easy as The Feel Great in 8 Program.


The Feel Great in 8 is Rejoice’s Signature Program which launched in 2016 and has helped hundreds of people around the world!

This program brings together all 6 pillars of Rejoice by providing practical tools to support digestive health, hormone health, mental well-being, mindful eating concepts, food security tips to make grocery shopping for the program more affordable and making it work within your budget, and joyful living as it relates to self-care, mindfulness, a movement that makes you feel good. 

We will bring together these pillars in a kind, gentle, and practical 8-week program for a non-restrictive approach that creates transformational and sustainable change. If you would like to learn more about the 6 Key Coaching Pillars of Rejoice, click the post below.

You want to feel great, but you don’t know how?
You’re tired of feeling this way, and just want to feel like yourself again.
You’re struggling every day with how you are feeling, you know you don’t want a restrictive cookie-cutter diet but you don’t know what else to do.
You’re not alone, and the truth is so many people don’t know where to begin to feel better in a kind and balanced way.
I had so many clients coming to me in my practice with the same story, the same negative self-image, stuck in the yo-yo-dieting trap, & who are nutritionally depriving themselves. 
As someone who is a firm believer in Mindful Eating, Self-Love, and the Body Positive movement I never planned on focusing on “weight loss” in my practice. But more and more people kept telling me the same story and the same goals.
This drove me to ask the question,
“Where is the middle ground? Can Holistic Nutrition, Whole Foods, Mindful Eating Concepts, Growth Mindset work & Body love Practices LIVE within a space where a person still wants to see physical transformation (or still desire to lose a few lbs?)
It is really only the polarized “diet industry” versus the “non-diet community”?! …. or is there a grey area??”
The Feel Great in 8 Program was born to fill that gap for those that knew they needed to be mindful of their overall wellness long-term while working on their short-term ‘health’ goals today.


“Be Healthy and Take Care of Yourself, 


But be Happy with the Beautiful Things that Make You, YOU”




Not your Average Nutrition, Wellness, & Lifestyle Program

The Feel Great in 8 is an 8-week Group Online Coaching Program. This program is a LIVE program, which means it has a set start date (which you will find above the price at the top of the page), and you have a community of like-minded people to support you and encourage you along the way. The program has a limited number of 40 seats. This smaller sized program allows me to be responsive to your questions and needs throughout the 8-week program.

The Feel Great in 8 Program is a Holistic Nutrition, Wellness, & Lifestyle program designed for real change, for real people, no matter how busy their lives are.

No counting calories or obsessively weighing food. There are NO “DIETS” here, this is about exploring what nutrients can support particular body systems and listening to your body to gain a deeper understanding of how foods impact YOUR body, weight, mood, energy, sleep, and overall health.

 Say Yes! to delicious tasting meals made with whole, live, simple ingredients that nourish your body and mind from the inside out.

The 8-Week Program is organized into 5-Phases. Holistic Nutrition is about getting to the "root" of the issue and supporting and nourishing it deeply. Each Phase focuses on doing just that through particular nutrients, practices, habits, and tools tangible actions you can take that deeply supports these systems.
When we have imbalances in one of these systems we can feel and see it in many other ways. Ditch the quick fix, bandaid approach that is never sustainable and instead use the knowledge, resources, and information provided in this program to confidently know how to support you/ your family's health today and for years to come.

I am passionate about supporting people to find a non-restrictive approach when it comes to nutrition that builds a positive relationship with food and your body because I empathize with how you feel. 
I personally have spent thousands of dollars on weight-loss supplements, programs, and memberships. I wasted too many precious life moments because I was in my head worrying about my body and not enjoying the present moment.
It was not until I educated myself about how particular nutrients work in our body that I understood how to properly feed myself for true health and happiness.
This is why education is strongly emphasized throughout this program to ensure you have the information, resources, and tools to be successful in the future. I want you to have everything I have learned in a way that can fit seamlessly into even the busiest lifestyle.
As a working mom, I understand the importance of making meals that are easy, convenient, and satisfying for you and your family. I will Teach, Share, and Work collaboratively with you on your health & wellness journey in a supportive and body-positive way.
The base program has many built-in options to meet your personal needs since we know there is no one size fits all approach. You can use food swap tables for allergies and preferences, there and multiple bonus recipes to choose from, and you can choose a meal plan or non-meal plan approach based on where you are at on your ‘health’ journey. 
However, if you know that you want a more custom approach over the 8-weeks to have those customizations done with you based on how you are feeling week to week then you can choose the VIP Feel Great in 8 Option! Click the program options dropbox below to see what’s included to choose which program option supports you for transformational success!

What's included in the Basic FGI8 Versus the VIP FGI8 Program?
See the Dropbox Menu below

Choose the Program That Works For You

An 8-Week Coarse to redefine your relationship with food & your body in a healthy, kind, & sustainable way! Feel Great in 8, is an 8-week online Nutrition & Lifestyle Program based on natural, holistic, safe, and sustainable healthy habits that create a positive ripple effect across your life. This live program runs every 8 weeks (minus holiday  breaks), and is limited to 40 participants max). 


  1. Weekly Meal plans include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, & Drinks
  2. A Non-Meal Plan Approach that allows an option for those that do not do well with meal plans to craft their own using the recipes and food swap tables provided.
  3. Delicious chef-created meal plans and recipes you actually want to eat! with full recipes & instructions
  4. The 8-week program is divided into 5 Phases to address potential nutritional deficiencies, gut health, hormone balance, inflammation, and more to promote vibrant health.
  5. Detailed, printable grocery lists are provided with each meal plan
  6. Mindset Mastery, Lifestyle, Cooking & Shopping like a boss eBooks and worksheets to support you to shift your mindset away from the traditional diet mentality and end the war with your body and food. Lifestyle, cooking, and shopping tips to support you to craft a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for you and your budget.
  7. Allergies, Specific Diet preferences, or have a lot of likes/dislikes when it comes to food? No problem! The food swap table and cooking like a boss eBook has you covered. If you need more of a curated custom plan you can add-on the Custom or VIP option and I will do it all for you.
  8. Phase Movement & optional supplement recommendations are included that are aligned with the phase we are working on.
  9. 7-Educational & instructional videos. An Introduction Basics video to get you started, followed by 5 educational videos that explain each body system & phase to help you understand the “why” behind each food you are eating at each phase. Lastly, shopping , cooking, and meal prep live and recorded videos where we bring it all together giving you confidence and support during the program.
  10. Private FGI8 Facebook Group to support you along the way. Here you can ask questions and share, I am here to help you every step of the way and keep you on track.
  11. Weekly accountability check-ins, goals, and resources are provided to keep you engaged and to keep the positive momentum moving forward!
  12. Meal Prep tips. Fitting this into your lifestyle in a simple, affordable way is key. Therefore I lay out how best to set yourself up for a meal prep day so that you are ready for a successful week ahead.
  13. Zoom group coaching calls and webinars to check-in during the checkpoints of the program.
  14. Upgrade this package adding a complete Nutritional Profile Assessment, have customization to the meal plans based on your preferences and assessment results, and upgrade your weekly check-in to a 30-minute accountability phone call to support you every step of the way. During these calls, we can make changes and additions for optimal success. Simply choose the VIP option and add it to your cart for this additional support throughout the program.
  15. You have life-time access to this dashboard,  once you are registered you have immediate access to instantly download all the documents in the dashboard. This is why once you have enrolled there are No refunds to group/online programs. However, if you are struggling with the program I will be happy to provide a complimentary supportive consultation call to help you be successful and be supportive. 

VIP Program Option. Do you succeed when you have 1:1 support, weekly accountability calls, and a done-for-you customized approach to suit your unique needs and preferences?

This plan includes everything listed above in the Basic FGI8 Program PLUS:

  1. A 45-Minute Nutritional Systems Profile (NSP) Assessment & Intake Coaching Call
  2. Weekly 1:1. 30-minute accountability coaching calls with me. We discuss what’s working, what is not, what changes do we need to make, lifestyle factors in YOUR life which we accommodate in your VIP weekly plans, and how to move past mental blocks that arise.
  3. Weekly Growth Mindset work customized to what your specific physical, mental, and emotional needs are.
  4. Weekly Accountability Progress reporting to me
  5. Bonus recipes and guides based on what is happening in your body and life week by week.  
  6. Got a friends B-day? going on a holiday? Hosting a dinner party, nervous about how to handle an upcoming event while on the program? No problem! We will work this in so you balance it all, meet your goals, while you LIVE your LIFE! without restrictions or worries. I got your back!
  7. You have life-time access to this dashboard,  once you are registered you have immediate access to instantly download all the documents in the dashboard. This is why once you have enrolled there are No refunds to group/online programs. However, if you are struggling with the program I will be happy to provide a complimentary supportive consultation call to help you be successful and be supportive. 
  8. NOTE: The VIP Option is designed for ONE person based on Your NSP assessment and goals. The VIP Option can include increased serving portions to include others in your home. Please see 1:1 Custom Coaching Services if you are looking for family nutrition planning, or book a Complimentary Discovery Call to chat about it.

This option is for those that  JUST finished the existing Feel Great in 8 online program and want to continue on their wellness journey. 

Sad our 8-weeks has come to an end and want to keep going? 

No problem. The returning participants can sign-up with the FGI8 group to continue making further progress on your health journey and keep the positive momentum going.

The Benefits of Signing-up again include:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to stay on track with your health & wellness goals
  2. Stay accountable to the program recommendations & meal plans through weekly check-ins.
  3. Attend the Zoom meetings
  4. Continue to ask questions, submit progress reports, and enjoy access to weekly goals to keep you motivated and on-track.
  5. Enjoy a handful of new recipes each session that aligns with the seasons (i.e. pumpkin-spiced flavors in the fall, frozen treats and BBQ burgers in hot summer months, and don’t forget some warming stews and Christmas treats in the winter).
  6. Get updates in your Virtual Swag Bags
  7. Stay connected with the Feel Great in 8 community to constantly be learning and growing

There can be a big learning curve the first round of doing the program, however, now that you have a wealth of knowledge and resources to draw from you can seamlessly continue to master the healthy routines, exercise, self-care and meal prep recommendations so that is all becomes second nature.

I am so excited to continue to support you on your path to loving yourself and your body inside and out! See you in the next Feel Great in 8 round!

This Option is for those that are existing VIP Feel Great in 8 participants and they want to do another program as a VIP member.

How about doing VIP experience for another round?

This plan includes everything listed in the Returning Basic FGI8 Program plus the VIP program customizations and a 20-Minute Weekly Accountability Call.

You have made such amazing progress last round! This discounted returning VIP price is my way to support you in continuing on your health & well-being journey. 

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