Balanced Keto for Beginners


Balanced Keto for Beginners is a 4-week course designed to help you achieve your health and weight-loss goals while aligning with holistic nutrition & wellness principals. Helping you achieve your weight goals today without compromising your longterm health for tomorrow. During the 4-week program, you will enjoy whole, delicious, nutrient-dense foods. Stop sugar cravings, reduce bloating, achieve a healthy weight, increased energy, reduce brain fog, and much more. Sign-up today!


Confused by the “Keto Craze”? Want the keto transformational weight-loss results you see on social media but are skeptical about how some ‘keto-approved’ foods like processed meats, butter, high dairy, and bacon rinds can actually be good for you? Do you want to try Keto but follow a more plant-based and whole-foods diet and are not sure how to make it work? Then the Balanced Keto for Beginners Program is right for you! This is a 4-week online Nutrition & Lifestyle Program based on natural, holistic, safe, and sustainable keto principals for your weight-loss today while being considerate of your long-term health.

Next Program Runs:

November 9th, 2020- December 6th, 2020


“Dirty Keto”, “Clean Keto”, “Lazy Keto”, etc, etc. there are many labels to Keto that you will see floating around these days. When I work with my clients to achieve Ketosis, I do not toss everything I know about Holistic Nutrition out the window. I want my clients to succeed in reaching their weight-loss goals now, but I also don’t want them to be crippled with constipation as a result of not ingesting enough soluble and insoluble daily fiber. I also want to support their long-term cardiovascular health and I am mindful of the impacts of hormones as a result of dietary changes.

All of these factors for me play a big role in the foods that we choose to eat. Just because bacon rinds in a bag may make one “keto grocery list” you find online does not mean that it is a wise choice for you to consume every day. I had a client whose keto diet included only beef jerky, cheese, butter, and pickles when she came to me. I work off a Balanced Keto Model when I work with my clients interested in a Keto Diet. This means we use whole-foods, ensure we are meeting our fiber and nutrient-density needs, and consume foods that serve our long-term health as much as helps us meet our short-term goals.

With so much misinformation out there, I created a 4-week Balanced Keto Online Program. Over the next 4-weeks, I will support you to gain a deeper understanding of WHAT is ketosis and the science behind it, WHY we eat what we eat on a keto diet, How to hit your daily fat macros using healthy, unprocessed fats. If you follow a plant-based, gluten-free, or dairy-free diet you can also do this program! I provide plant-based swaps in the plan for those that don’t eat meat. Each week phase with a corresponding meal plan designed to educate, guide, and support you during the transition into a keto diet and while your body shifts from using stored glucose to fats as the body’s main fuel source. Turning your body into a ‘fat-burning machine’ is awesome! but let’s use a whole-foods balanced keto approach for you to live a long and vital life.¬†I will Teach, Share, and Work collaboratively¬†with you through your weight-loss journey in a supportive and body-positive way.

What is included in the 4-Week Balance Keto for Beginners Program?

  1. Weekly meal plans include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, & Drinks
  2. Delicious chef-created meal plans you want to eat! with full recipes & instructions
  3. Meal Plans align with the 4 Phases of our program to be supportive of the stages our body moves through during the Ketosis transition, support weight-loss goals and to promote vibrant health.
  4. Detailed, printable grocery lists are provided with each meal plan
  5. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, optional supplement recommendations are included that are aligned with the phase we are working on.
  6. 5-Educational & instructional videos. A Getting Started video to help you getting ready before the program begins and introduces you to the format and Keto 101, followed by 4 educational videos that explain what is happening within the body & phase to help you understand the “why” behind each food you are eating at each phase. Lastly, the Final Thoughts component where we bring it all together giving you confidence in your next steps, moving forward.
  7. Private BK4B Facebook Group to support you along the way. Here you can ask questions and share, I am here to help you every step of the way and keep you on track.
  8. Weekly accountability check-ins, goals, and resources are provided to keep you engaged and to keep the positive momentum moving forward!
  9. Meal Prep tips. Fitting this into your lifestyle in a simple, affordable way is key. Therefore I lay out how best to set yourself up for a meal prep day so that you are ready for a successful week ahead.
  10. Upgrade this package by adding a complete Nutritional Profile Assessment, have customization to the meal plans based on your preferences and assessment results, and upgrade your weekly check-in to a 30-minute accountability phone call to support you every step of the way. During these calls, we can make changes and additions for optimal success. Simply add the Program Upgrade to your cart for this additional support throughout the program.

Next Program Runs:

November 9th, 2020- December 6th, 2020


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