Apple Cider Vinegar Produce Wash

Apple Cider Vinegar Produce Wash

In speaking to clients, friends, and family I find the conversation around organic versus non-organic can become a heated debate. I have my avid organic only eaters, those that think “organic is a bunch of BS”, but most people I speak with sit somewhere in the middle. They buy organic, local or seasonal when they can when it’s convenient and ┬ácomparable in price, but always do their best to buy fresh whole feeds no matter what label is attached to them.

This is why when I speak about buying foods, I always suggest buying the best quality foods you can buy. This means buying real food, live foods full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals and food that has had minimal processing, which means nutrients were neither removed nor had synthetic versions added. However, the reality is that today environmental pollutants can get into our food sources as well through the soil, air, and water. Buying Organic can also not be affordable for some people, a woman I worked for whom received government assistance had only $40.00 a week to spend on her groceries. Yup, $40.00! For her, being able to access discounted grocery stores was the only way to access fresh food. For her I would have never dreamed of discussing organic, instead, we looked at simply washing the fruits and vegetables that fit within her limited budget.

So what can you do? Shopping seasonally, using the clean 15, dirty dozen list and using washing your produce can help in choosing the best quality produce that fits into your lifestyle and budget. There are many produce washes on the market that claim to not add additional chemicals to your produce and help to clean your fruits and vegetables. As someone who is always looking to make my own, I learned about Apple Cider Vinegar Produce washes and their benefits from instructors at school. I began researching and instantly starting using these washes. It is an easy, effective and affordable solution for my clients which makes me very happy.


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