Seasonal Food Guide & Benefits

Seasonal Food Guide & Benefits

I always encourage people to buy the best quality ingredients they can for taste, nutrient density and to eliminate potential chemical stressors that disrupt hormone balance and weaken your immune system.

This means looking for foods that are as whole, close to nature, local, and free from chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and additives as much as possible. I appreciate that shopping this way is not always possible therefore if you need to be selective with what you buy, then shopping locally can be a great way to get good quality foods at more affordable prices.

Buying Seasonally can benefit you in the following ways:

why should you buys foods in season


Use the Rejoice Seasonal Food Reference Guide to help get you started.

seasons guide


I hope you enjoy aligning your diet and body with the seasons for quality, affordability, taste and of course nutrient density of your foods.