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6 Ways to Rev Your Metabolism Naturally

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As we age our metabolism slows down as well. As a kid, you may have heard, “you can’t eat like that when you are older!”, implying the true scientific fact that our metabolism does in fact slow with age. Once we hit the age of 40, the average adult begins to put on 2-5 lbs annually of body fat which will accumulate as the years go on. The good news is there are some simple steps we can take to support of metabolism throughout the day. Here are,


  1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Never underestimate the power of water. A research study in Germany found that drinking 48 ounces of water a day can raise our resting metabolism by 50 calories. That may not sound like a lot but it can equal 5lbs of weight-loss a year so drink it up. If you find water boring, check out these 7 Water-Infused recipes which will help you enjoy your water intake.
  2. Don’t Skip Breakfast! Rev that metabolism up in the morning by enjoying a hearty breakfast with protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Did you know that those that skip breakfast are 5x more likely to be over-weight long-term? The biggest reason people skip breakfast in the morning is time, so I have 5 breakfasts, made with less than 5 ingredients and make in less than 5 minutes!

  3. Don’t Skip the Protein. Research has shown that protein can increase the postmeal calorie burn by 35%. Check out my article on 5 Plant-Based Proteins You Must Eat which is packed full of recipes.
  4. Increase Vitamin D & Calcium Intake. Research has found that those with slow metabolism show deficiencies in these areas. Increase foods such as salmon, organic tofu, eggs, spinach, collard greens, and grass-fed yogurt.
  5. Move Your Body. As we age we lose muscle mass which then, in turn, slows our metabolism. Keeping fit by incorporating cardio and strength training exercises three times a week can make a big difference in keeping our metabolism functioning well.
  6. Eat Enough! The tendency when we begin to gain weight is to drastically cut our calories or engage in this yo-yo dieting with fad diets. This actually does the opposite effect we want. This type of dieting impacts our hormones, slows metabolism right down, and can increase cortisol release in the body (aka our stress hormones) which also increases abdominal fat. If you consume 3 good meals of 400-500 calories and 2 snacks that are 150 calories or less you should rev that metabolism up.

If you are looking for sustainable and healthy weight-loss, message me for 1:1 consultations or check out the Lose Weight & Feel Great in 8 online programs for safe and sustainable weight-loss.

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