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5 Mindful Eating Tips for Beginners

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With the Holiday Season around the corner, I wanted to share 5 Simple Mindful Eating Practices you can try at your next meal. 

These are some of the basic tips I give my clients in the Eat with Ease: Mindful Eating Mastery 12-Week Group Coaching Program to get started with Mindful Eating!

Practicing Mindfulness while eating can: 
  • Enhance Enjoyment around meals

  • Help you listen more deeply to your body’s own hunger & satiation cues (which can help those who tend to overeat as a result of distraction or stress). 

  • Support Good Digestion

  • Improve Nutrient Absorption

  • Take the first step towards curating a positive relationship with food & body

5 Mindful Eating Tips for Beginners

  1. Internal Environment Scanning 

2. External Environment Scanning

3. Be Actively Present

4. Practice Rest & Digest

5. Intentional Check-In

Have other tips that help YOU eat mindfully? Comment below 
Want to learn more about the Practice of Mindful Eating? Check out the small intimate group coaching program via the shop link today
Xo Jo

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