Eat with Ease: Mindful Eating Mastery

A 10-Week Course to Mindful Eating, Self Love, and Reclaiming your mind-body connection with ease and confidence.

The Mindful Eating & Intuitive Living Mastery program is intended to enable you to consciously tune in & listen to your needs and silence the external influences that tell you what to do with your food, body, & YOUR Life.

If you are ready to achieve a more mindful and compassionate state of being with your body and self, with a side of rebel attitude to DO YOU & Live the Unapologetic Life you do deserve then join me in the next Mindful Eating Mastery Program.

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Mindful Eating & Intuitive Living Mastery Program

Are you ready to break-up with diets?

Are you ready to end the war with food & your body to live the life you so deserved?

Can you image how it would feel to not constantly worry about what you should eat or feel guilty after eating? 

Can you picture what it would feel like to not spend so much energy & time stressing about food & your body but rather place that energy into living a life you deserve? 

This is body liberation. 
This is Food Freedom. 
This is intuitively making decisions that serve YOU and silencing the politics, the food police, the toxic diet culture, & the external influences. 
Why? because you are unique and deserve an approach that actually works for you versus letting others tell you what is right or wrong for you, or yet another cookie-cutter program that leaves you feeling unfulfilled, more confused, and like you” failed again”. 

Enter.. Mindful Eating & Intuitive Living Mastery  

Are you ready to let go of diets and give yourself permission to nourish your body & self in deeper and more meaningful ways?

It is time to give yourself permission to nourish yourself not just to survive but for pleasure & satisfaction.

Permission to explore new ways of nourishing and nurturing your mind, body & self. Permission to live a more intentional life that brings you joy. 

Mindful Eating is right for you if you want to:

  • Be able to choose what you want to eat & when you want to eat it without the constant internal critique 
  • Crush the “All-or-Nothing mentality when it comes to food
  • Finally say “F@ck-No!” to buying another ride on that diet rollercoaster that leaves you feeling disheartened, hopeless, and like you “failed” again
  • Stop waiting to live the life you want or to wear a bathing suit until you shrink your body to a size that you feel you need to be in order to deserve to be happy & live the life you daydream about. 
  • Being able to go to bed at night without your mind stressing about everything you ate that day and making yourself the same promise to “get on track” tomorrow. 
  • Ending the “restriction- binge cycle” and being able to keep certain foods in the house without fear. 
  • Releasing perfectionism when it comes to how we think we should eat. 
  • Rewriting your own food/body narrative and letting go of moral labels on food (i.e. “good vs bad” foods)
  • Be able to go out to eat with others and not stress about what you can have or what you have to do tomorrow to “work it off” 
  • To fully love your body & YOU exactly as you are today
  • To master a food relationship with more ease, joy, & flow 
  • To repair and rejoice in a healthy relationship with food and body forever! 


This is a journey.

This is not about a destination or an “end result”. 

This is about transformation, learning, increasing awareness, trusting your body and yourself, and to emancipate yourself from the constant war with food and your body. 

This is not just about Food Freedom- this is about Life Liberation!

Come Eat with Ease with me & commit to unconditional self-love, unf@ckwithable attitude when it comes to what you need for unshakable confidence 

More information about the program is being released in Spring 2022. This program is 10-weeks long with modules, videos, a supportive community, and weekly coaching. 

More info coming soon. In the meantime feel free to connect with me for a free 15-Minute Discovery Call to determine if this program is right for you or Sign-up today!

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