Three-Month Program: Reclaim Health

Invest in your health! $325/month (Flexible Monthly Payment Options Available). Click the description dropbox below for more details.



Let’s start working collaboratively together to uncover potential root issues, and identify what your unique needs and goals are to support you in feeling your best every day. Holistic Nutrition involves supporting your well-being using whole foods, intentional nutrients, self-care tools, and functional wellness and lifestyle practices to support the health and happiness of your body, mind, and self. 

This is a Three-Month Customized Coaching Package. There are no one-size-fits-all programs and no copy-and-paste programs here. This is the 1:1 highly customized coaching package we create together. 

This is you and I, collaboratively creating a support plan that meets your personal needs and goals while honoring your story, culture, economic status, lifestyle, and lived experience. 

 A 12-week timeframe allows you to notice and feel a real change and transformation in your body and mind.

The Three Month Customized Coaching Package Includes:

  1. Intake Process to gather the information that will guide our sessions

  2. A 75-Minute Nutritional Profile Systems Assessment (NSP) and consult call (Phone or Zoom).

  3. Within 3-5 business days of our call, your Personalized Nutrition and Wellness Lifestyle Plan, along with your customized 7-day nutrition plan, will be e-mailed to you to get started.

  4. A new weekly meal plan, grocery list, meal prep tips, additional recipes, and weekly goals will be sent to you every week of the program (12 weeks). 

  5. Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions are also included, enabling us to connect each week to discuss what is working, make necessary changes, discuss weekly goals, and add further recommendations for the upcoming week. 

  6. Handouts, resources, and/or new recipe ideas are provided every week, relating to your personal health goals.  

  7. In summary, this program includes:

    • A- 75 min initial Nutrition Assessment & Nutrient-Profile Systems Analysis

    • Twelve, 7-day weekly personalized meal plans, printable grocery list, and planning tips, recipe guides based on your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget.

    • Personalized health & wellness plan that aligns with your goals

    • Weekly 30-minute phone/zoom coaching calls and check-ins for the 90-days.

    • Email Support between weekly accountability calls 

    • Resources, handouts, journals, worksheets & additional recipes as needed can support you in achieving success and feeling your best. 

    • A final follow-up appointment for making a plan for success in moving forward with additional takeaways. 

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