My Awakening To The Restoring Power Of Holistic Nutrition

When I graduated from University with my degree in Community Rehabilitation, I got a job, worked hard, and within four years I moved from an entry-level position to being an Executive Director of a government-funded organization. In addition to the long hours I worked, I had a baby, a 3-year-old, a house, my partner, and my busy life. I was just too busy with work and motherhood to take good care of myself.  People would always ask me, “How do you do it all?” or “Won’t you burn out?” to which I always replied, “No, I’m fine, I can handle it”

Then I had an anxiety attack...

After 4-years of that perfectionist go-go work ethic, trying to be everything everyone else needed, and doing “all the things” my body finally began to shut down over a 6-month period.
The first sign was digestive issues that were diagnosed as a bleeding ulcer, then later as ulcerative colitis. Next was brain fog, low energy, sleeping issues, and all the general signs of burnout which I later learned was adrenal fatigue. Finally, I experienced my first anxiety attack. I couldn’t believe it. In the next three months, the anxiety began to increase and dictate my life, so I saw my doctor who said I had generalized anxiety disorder and the advice given was to quit my job and meds as my only options. As someone who worked in the field of mental health for over 15 years, I know that medication has its place and purpose but I wanted to see if I could not first make some lifestyle changes knowing these things were all connected. I decided to research other options that were complementary to supporting stress and anxiety. 
As I began to research, the potential of how nutrition and lifestyle changes could support my picture of health was a reoccurring trend.  I started making small changes to my diet, making time for self-care, drinking water, and moving in gentle ways that brought me joy. I was amazed at how a few small daily habits and wellness practices made a positive impact on how I felt mentally and physically in my body.
I can tell you that I not only saw significant improvements in how I felt but I also felt alive, vibrant, and happy. Now, I sleep great, have tons of energy, am free of pain and fear, and I look forward to taking on the day ahead of me. The changes I made were also beneficial to my family. My partner had less back pain, better sleep, and renewed energy. My daughter is happier and her allergies have diminished. My son, who was hyperactive, suddenly became calm, focused, and excelled at school.

From Panic Attacks to a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Through my personal experience, I knew the power that nutrition and wellness practices had for myself and my family and I wanted to help others.  I made the decision to go back to school to become a C.H.N.C and obtain my diploma in Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I became a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist through the Corporate Health and Wellness Association. I also obtained my Raw Food Chef Certification from The Raw Foundation of Culinary Arts & Nutrition Institute, and a Mindful Eating Coach from The Centre for Mindful Eating. This education, combined with my personal and professional experience has made me passionate about educating and sharing my nutrition and health knowledge. I am passionate about supporting those I work for to live in the most vibrant body they can.
The 6 Pillars of Rejoice Coaching include Gut, Hormone, and Mental Health, as well as Mindful Eating, Food Insecurity, and Joyful Living which were the same 6 pillars I used in “putting myself back together” and living a different life I love. 
Are you a busy person looking to develop simple and functional daily habits that can help you feel your best? Do you feel overwhelmed in your life and don’t know how to find the time to care for yourself? I provide real down-to-earth coaching that showcases how you can incorporate simple whole foods into even the busiest of lifestyles in a way that is quick, affordable, and tastes delicious.  Establishing a functional lifestyle plan with simple daily habits to help you regain balance, reclaim health, and Rejoice in your amazing body every day, even for the busiest of lifestyles.