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How to Make a Hormone Balanced Macro Bowl

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Here is your 5- Step Blueprint for the Ultimate Hormone Balanced Macro Bowl to Crush Stress & Anxiety, boost Energy, & give your overall Hormone System some love. 

The best thing about this blueprint is it’s intended to be flexible! So you can pick and choose ingredients from each of the 5 food categories based on what you have in your kitchen, your preferences, and what fits your budget. Below you will find your 5-Step Blueprint, the WHY behind each bowl element & some food ideas: 

  1. Bulking Fiber: Fiber binds to excess hormones in the body & works to remove them through the colon. If you’re not consuming enough fiber, then instead of being eliminated, excess hormones can be reabsorbed back into your body leading to imbalanced levels. Bulking fiber also helps balance blood sugars & keeps us fuller longer
  2. Complex Carbs: Choosing high fiber carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grains, legumes, & vegetables provide the essential nutrients needed to support proper hormone function & increase energy
  3. Intentional B foods: B vitamins are super important for helping to maintain balanced hormones. In particular, B6 is incredibly important to help support healthy hormone balance as it helps with the production of progesterone.
  4. Protein: A low protein diet has been linked with low growth hormone, low estrogen, lack of ovulation, autoimmunity, & compromised thyroid function. Protein can help to regulate not only estrogen levels, but boost levels of other chemical messengers that regulate energy, metabolism, & menstrual cycles.
  5. Fats & Flavour: fat is needed to make & carry hormones in the body! Fats help balance blood sugar, high insulin levels in women leads to increased testosterone which throws estrogen out of balance, it also increases anxiety & stress in the body 

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