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Joanna BROWN

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April’s Action Against Hunger Series

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Are you feeling the impact of food inflation in your home? What are you being impacted by the most with food inflation? As many of you know I have been heavily involved in food advocacy, food insecurity, & reduction of food waste initiatives through my volunteer work with grass-roots community groups and, on both provincial and federal food policy boards to make a difference.

The duality of my role is working in the Nutrition Industry, I also see the polarization and divide between practitioners in this field pushing either

“eat organic, shop the outside of the grocery store, no prepackaged or commercial foods”


” ‘organic’ is BS, all food is equal, F@ck the nutrition industry as the frozen TV is just as good as a homecooked meal”

By now, you all know me!  I like to sit firmly in the middle, & recognize that we all need to make our own choices & everyone (regardless of which side you sit on is welcome at MY table). Cause here is the thing…. both sides are missing a BIG KEY piece to the conversation!! It is a privilege to preach either of those things.



TODAY- 1 in 8 homes in Canada are food insecure, amounting to 4.4 million people, including more than 1.2 million children living in food secure and this number is expected to spike in 2022 due to further food inflation costs.

This is where I say things that might not be so popular and deliver the hard truth that it’s time people get off the social media soapbox and get their feet down on the ground and in the dirt to help families get food on the table in any way they can!


People are going hungry in our country and that is a priority. The low income and accessible foods are increasing making it even harder for people to get the once known “affordable foods”, so we need to start having a real conversation. There area few sources that have been discussing projections for food inflation costs that are I have linked below, 

This is why Rejoice is Hosting “APRIL’S ACTION AGAINST HUNGER SERIES” during the month of April.

I will be sharing ALL the tips, recipes, & free resources to help YOU feed YOU & your Family. NO BS & NO FOOD POLITICS, just functional ideas to help you make ends meet, save on groceries costs, and repurpose leftovers. Take what resonates to you and leave what does not!

Sign up for the Rejoice newsletter anytime during the month of April 2022 via home page subscription box. This way you can ensure you have access to all the free resources that are hitting your mailbox through this series in April! 

What can you expect in your inbox, during our Action Against Hunger Series in April? 

  1. Free recipe ebooks directly to your inbox with DIY recipes to help your Food Budget stretch throughout the month of April
  2. Tangible Resources to build an affordable Non-Perishable Pantry 
  3. All the tips & tricks to Repurpose Food & turn food waste into new meals which not only helps you Reduce Food Waste, stretch your weekly food budget, but also help others who are food insecure as a result of lack of access.
  4. How to Simply & Affordably create a waste-free kitchen.  It is more than just repurposing food, it includes using foods scraps for other purposes in the home such as container gardening and even cleaning your home. 
  5. How to incorporate more Plant-Based Proteins along with FREE recipe guides to help address the increased costs of animal proteins  (I get this request a lot), as well Meal Prep and Batch Cooking foods so you have “frozen ready-made meals” at a fraction of the commercial cost of  Pre-made Meals.
  6. Basically, I am going to send you tons of freebies, goodies, resources, recipes, tips, etc to set you & your family up for a resilient home no matter what comes today & for the future.

SIGNUP in the link to get on the mailing list to not miss a freebie this month 🤩👇

Tools & Education is what people need to equip themselves with the resources & knowledge to navigate caring for you & your family 💚 I truly hope this is useful to you and your loved one’s.


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