Corporate Wellness

Have a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Corporate Wellness Specialist speak at your next event, work collaboratively to tailor a wellness program that best meets the needs of your specific corporate culture or enhance your community-based programs.

As a Director for ten years of a government-funded organization, I understand the value of building a healthy community within your organizational structure. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining a competitive edge with the most up-to-date wellness programs
  • Lowering health care and insurance costs
  • Creating a supportive workplace community that people want to stay a member of
  • Increase productivity, creativity and happiness at work
  • Reducing absences due to illness
  • A better bottom line attributed to employee engagement in their health and wellness


    • Enhance Mood with Food
    • Immune Boosting Bites
    • Truly Simple Desk Snacks

    • How to Reduce Sugar Intake
    • How to Reduce Inflammatory Pain Naturally
    • The Powered Lunchbox

    • Self- Care 101
    • 12 ways to Crush Stress
    • Healthy Pre-Packaged Foods


    • Contact me to customize a topic to meet the specific needs of your corporate culture.
    • Topics can be combined with a food demonstration or product samples as requested.
    • Health Coaching Consultation can be arranged to foster a culture of wellness

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”

Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the father of Western medicine