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As many of you know I am a big promoter of eating local and connecting consumers to the source (aka your farmer or rancher). Understanding WHERE your food comes from and ensuring it is the best quality for you and your family is key to health and wellness. The cost of “organic” meats can be pricey in specialty stores and butcher shops. Trulocal is all about connecting meat producers in your area to local consumers at a good price.

TruLocal connects you to high-end, locally-sourced meat products – delivered right to your doorstep across Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. They ship overnight on dry ice, so your box will stay frozen during delivery – even if you’re not home when your box arrives! Their customizable plans are commitment-free, so you can skip, pause, or cancel at any time – no strings attached!

I like how you can read the stories about the farmers on their unique online platform which acts as a marketplace for consumers to reach local producers and suppliers online. This helps those small communities by using technology to bridge the gap between consumers and local producers. Buying great products, feeling great about the food you eat, and supporting amazing suppliers shouldn’t be a challenge, and it’s our goal to make that process as easy and convenient as possible. Trulocal is making it simple for the consumers to eat better quality product and know where their food is coming from – and helping those small farms and suppliers connect to a wider customer base.

If you want to try is use my code “REJOICE10” and get $25.00 off your first box with no commitment to buy again! You need to live in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario Canada to participate with TruLocal.


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