The 21-Day Digestive Reset Program (self-paced)

21 Days to Digestive Health. A transformative holistic approach to strengthen digestive functions for whole health.

The 21-Day Program is a self-paced program which gives you life-time access to the programs dashboard and all the resources es and tools you need to move from digestive distress to digestive freedom.



Welcome to 21-Days to Digestive Health! This 21-Day Transformation is about shifting our relationship with our mind & body while support gut health for optimal health & vitality.


Maybe you are just starting to learn more about gut health and it’s impacts on your overall health and happiness? Or maybe you have been dealing with digestive issues for years and you are excited to learn more?


Wherever you are on your digestive health journey this 21-day SELF-PACED online program is a complementary addition to your wellness routines. 

I created this offering to be a useful tool for those wanting to gain a deeper understanding of why our internal ecological system is so imperative to our health and happiness.


Not only do I hear the feelings of frustration and exhaustion from my clients who struggle with digestive issues but I hear that they feel “broken”. Afraid of what they can and can not eat.

Most of them have been given long lists of food they have to avoid and remove from their diets making them feel restricted, isolated, and disconnected from their own body.


I empathize with this feeling as someone who ended up in the hospital with digestive issues and diagnoses. I know that to support our digestive health that it is not just about the food we eat, it is about honoring our body, listening to our internal cues, and gaining confidence & competence in what works BEST for you. 

You have Lifetime Access to this 21-day program which you can come back to anytime to be empowered with knowledge, feel energized, and feel supported and nourished within your body.
We know that our digestive health is connected to our mood, sleep, energyhormones and so much more. This is why we need to support our whole self when we care for our gut & why the program is divided into 3 pillars:
  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit of Self
Within the program pillars, there are simple daily habits, morning and night-time routines, growth mindset worksheets, movement recommendations, mindful eating journals, hydration trackers, stress management tools and so much more.
The 21-day program can be repeated whenever you need extra digestive love. Also the resource modules, ebooks, and tools will ensure you have all you need to make informed decisions about your digestive health and well-being as an important part of your lifestyle for sustainable habits. 
You will also enjoy three meals plans (3, one-week meals plans) during the 21-day program that uses a 3 Phase Approach to digestive health:
  • RESTING PHASE ONE (week 1)
The meals are focused on supporting the digestive system by using whole foods, unprocessed foods, being mindful of foods that can be hard on the gastrointestinal tract while providing flexibility and options for those to swap foods based on what works best for their digestion. 

What you get in these 21-Days:

  • 21-Days of Digestive focused meal plans (three, one-week plans)
  • Meal Plans include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Drinks
  • A flexible Non-Meal Plan Approach for those that work better with not following a set plan is provided
  • 21-Day Movement Guide (gentle & supportive tips to move in kind ways to your body)
  • The 21-Day Digestive Reset Program Ebook (60+ pages) of digestive tips, resources, knowledge, and tangible tools will support you in feeling confident in what strategies and practices you can add to your lifestyle to support your gut to feel it’s best. This is the core of the program which you can pull out and use whenever your gut needs some TLC in the future. 
  • A complimentary Workbook with journals, worksheets, & tangible tools to aid you in setting intentions to create sustainable digestive habits that actually stick. 
  • Weekly goals, intention settings, mindfulness practices, additional resources, and my top tips to reposition your power from a place of joy 
So get ready to give your digestive system some serious LOVE, manage stress, move, and practice mindful eating to support your health & happiness.