Pantry Makeover & Resources


1.5 hours


Sometimes our pantries and cupboards can be packed with foods that sabotage even the best health plans. Not sure how food should be stored or what the deal is with cold-pressed olive oil? Are there products in your cupboards that have moved with you several times? No worries — let’s make over your pantry in a fun and non-judgmental environment. I will meet you at your home and, together, we can dig into the deepest, darkest corners. We will identify what stays and what you may want to swap out once it runs out. I can provide easy tips and tricks to keep it all organized and stored properly, saving you time and money and, also, healthier snack options to help overcome those late night cravings. This package also includes:
•how to stock a holistic pantry cheat sheet,
•inexpensive and chemical-free storage solutions for your food,
•alternative flour and baking substitutions cheat sheet, and
•a handout on creating a zero-waste kitchen.