Love Good Fats Bars & Shakes


I am always creating healthy recipes to include in my client’s customized nutrition programs, for the blog and my social media following, and for my online programs. The truth is sometimes when I am working with busy mom’s, families, and working professionals they don’t always want the homemade granola bar recipe no matter how easy it is and just want to know “what can I buy?”.

Having a healthy snack option you can pack for the road trip, keep in your desk drawer, or in your car on the run can be a useful tool in helping you align with your health goals and not feel the need to hit a drive-through or a convenience store. This is where I do my research and look for products that can be that help aid in your healthy lifestyle and the Love Good Fats bars work perfectly for many of my clients.


If you are following a keto lifestyle, a low-sugar, low-carb, gluten-free, need higher fats in your diet, and/or rock a plant-based lifestyle¬†then these bars are a great fit. I posted a picture of my own Love Good Fats bar on social media for my Keto online program and the lovely owner of this company reached out and asked if I would like to offer my clients and followers a discount! I love being able to help make food and health products more accessible and affordable for others so I was pumped to offer you get 20% off your order with my discount code “Rejoice”. How cool is that?


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