Let’s Do it Again! LWFG8



This is for those that finished the Lose Weight & Feel Great in 8 programs, but want to do it again! Sad our 8-weeks has come to an end and want to keep going? No problem. The returning participants can sign-up with the next Lose Weight & Feel Great in 8 group to continue making further progress on your health journey and keep the positive momentum going.

The benefits of signing up again include: this gives you the opportunity to stay accountable to the plan,

  1. Stay accountable to the program recommendations & meal plans through weekly check-ins.
  2. Join the Private Lose Weight & Feel Great in 8 Facebook Community Support Group.
  3. Continue to ask questions, submit progress reports, and enjoy access to weekly goals to keep you motivated and on-track.
  4. Enjoy a handful of new recipes each session that aligns with the seasons (i.e. pumpkin spiced flavors in the fall, watermelon slushies and BBQ burgers in hot summer months, and don’t forget some warming stews and Christmas┬átreats in the winter).

There can be a big learning curve the first round of doing the program, however, now that you have a wealth of knowledge and resources to draw from you can seamlessly continue to master the healthy routines, exercise, self-care and meal prep recommendations so that is all becomes second nature. I am so excited to continue to support you on your path to loving yourself and your body inside and out! See you in the next Lose Weight & Feel Great in 8 Session.

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