We know that nutrition plays a big part in our overall picture of health, but many overlook that lifestyle and stress management is also a critical component to achieving overall wellness. In today’s busy society, eating ‘healthy’ and exercise can become just another “to-do” item, removing the real enjoyment from it. The idea of self-care can sound selfish in a culture that glorifies always being busy over slowing down. Incorporating green home products can seem like too much to add to your already full plate or is something many feels is financially out of their reach. 

As someone who was a part of the go-go lifestyle, it wasn’t long before I experienced firsthand the damaging health effects it can have on your mental and physical health. With digestive issues, weakened immune systems, stress-related illnesses, and mental health diagnoses such as anxiety and depression currently on the rise, it is important to not just focus on the old school model of “diet & exercise” but to incorporate a more holistic approach. One that looks at incorporating lifestyle habits that support the body as a whole; physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

The great news is that small changes and simple additions can create a positive ripple effect in how you feel and think every day! Here we discuss wellness topics such as self-care 101, the benefits of mindful eating, and stress management techniques that can support your wellness. I’ll also share the scoop the importance of the gut-brain connection and how batch cooking or meal prep can carve out more time in your week, save you money, and reduce stress during the week. I will share my favorite, easy, and quick DIY natural beauty care products, and green home cleaners that are more affordable DIY options vs. conventional green products. 

Forget the social media perfect “wellness routines”, here’s to wellness habits for the real world.   

Xo Jo

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6 Ways to Rev Your Metabolism Naturally

As we age our metabolism slows down as well. As a kid, you may have heard, “you can’t eat like that when you are older!”, implying the true scientific fact that our metabolism does in fact slow with age. Once we hit the age of 40, the average adult begins to put on 2-5 lbs annually of body fat which will accumulate as the years go on. The good news is there are some simple steps we can take to support of metabolism throughout the day.

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5 Strategies to Help Fight Seasonal Depression

During the winter months, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or “the winter blues” is a very real thing that impacts many people. Without the sun, being able to be active outside, limit to seasonal foods at their nutritional prime, and vitamin D-deficiency are some of the factors that can impact these low feelings.

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People struggling to lose weight are often under the impression that it is due to their lack of self-control or failure to stick to a diet or exercise plan. However, studies are increasingly showing that weight management can be a function of hormonal balance, with people with optimal levels of estrogen, thyroid, testosterone, insulin and cortisol being more likely to lose weight and keep it off.

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Acne can seem like a scourge that wreaks havoc on your looks in addition to severely affecting your self-esteem. However, it is possible to treat this condition naturally from the inside out and ensure a strong skin with a healthy glow that will make you feel like your most confident self.

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DIY 2-Ingredient Natural Carpet Powder

Green carpet cleaners are a nice alternative but are often 2-3x the price of conventional powders. Making my own carpet powder made sense as a solution for me to reduce the chemical load in my house while not breaking the bank. This recipe requires 2-ingredients and makes my carpet and house smell great!

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Hey, I’m Jo! As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Practitioner and Raw Food Chef, I am passionate about creating simple, whole-food recipes that easily fit into your everyday life. I am committed to empowering you to find fulfillment in fueling your body to regain balance, reclaim health and rejoice in the most vibrant body possible.

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