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Nutrition is a vital aspect of your health, but many overlook that lifestyle is also a critical component to achieving your overall wellness. In today’s busy society, eating healthy and hitting the gym can become just another “to do” item, removing the real enjoyment from it. The idea of self-care can sound selfish in today’s world that glorifies always being busy. Incorporating green home products can seem like too much to add to your already full plate.

As someone who was a part of the go-go lifestyle, it wasn’t long before I experienced first hand the damaging health effects it can have on your mental and physical health. With digestive disorders, weakened immune systems, stress related illnesses and mental health diagnoses such as anxiety and depression on the rise, it is time to take charge of your self-care and wellness.

The great news is that small changes and additions can create amazing positive changes in how you feel and think every day! Here we discuss wellness topics such as, self-care 101, the benefits of mindful eating, stress management techniques, and nutritional supplement suggestions that can enhance your wellness. I’ll also share the scoop on detoxing along with my favourite cleanses, the importance of the gut-brain connection and how to organize a meal prep day to set you up for success and reduce stress during the week. I will share my favourite, easy and quick DIY natural beauty care products and green home cleaners.


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